Third World Merchant Class vs. American Middle Class


Whenever you go 3rd World Nation or those countries either in Central America,The Middle East,The Far East what you have are the Lower income individuals and the Upper Class.They really don’t have a Middle Class.In place of the Middle Class what they have is a “Merchant Class”.
Every one who ever owned a retail shop anywhere across America will tell you this..In order to be  a successful retailer you must have a secure source of where to get product..You must have a relative or close friend who is either a Manufacture,Distributor,Importer or a repossessor. If you don’t then do not exspect to have a guarantee on a good stable price for merchandise..Get ready for your supplier to rake you over the hot coals .Don’t be surprised if you’re doing well that he doesn’t have a good friend of his open across the street with the same stuff that you sell only he gets his for less & hence out prices you.


In those nations that We described above it’s the exactly the same ..However while here in America if you’re not happy with a shopkeeper there a 20 different places that you can go for Lotto,or Chinese takeout,Pizza,Bagels etc.etc.etc  in  less than 5 minutes.
However in those above foreign nations that We described above in order to buy  merchandise in order to open up a shop ….It’s a closed & private club..passed down to each generation.Those merchants know that all to well and have a captive audience so to speak.They crap on customers and are so rude as to make Don Rickles sound pleasant..When they come here to America and open up shop they take that arrogant attitude here.This does not apply to all immigrant shopkeepers .There are some fantastic proprietors out there. I won’t paint all of them with same broad brush..Having said that you’d be hard pressed  to find a pleasant Dry cleaner or  Green Grocer.



I had an expensive pair of pants.I had to have the waist let out and inch..I brought in to Dry cleaners and instead of letting the waist out they took it in an and in doing so rendered my pants worthless to me.Try to get a could have 100 friends come and picket their place..they won’t budge.Look we had our share of nasty shopkeepers way before all any of  theses newcomers arrived in our shores.You may recall hearing this  growing up back in the 1950’s every single day at the local candy store”Hey put down that comic book what do you think this is a god damn library”.This will keep occurring until the next generation takes over the business. It’s not about race -Relgiion- or ethnicity but only about  foreign ways..I’ve experienced many foreign shopkeepers they don’t understand the American way of being they have  absolutely no tact whatsoever. They will learn the hard way..You gotta be nice to customers.

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