Why Should Over The Counter Blister Paks Still Be Hard To Open.

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I don’t know how many of you remember the Tylenol feasco a few years back when some maniac  opened some bottles and tainted or  put or some poision in their product and resealed it .Since that time every thing extra hard to open. I can’t blame manufactors for that. Many times I have to take a sarated knife and litterly cut it out if the blisster pak  often breaking the pill itself.I find that main name brands usually that sell for more money open easier than the store or no frill brands.
The solution is a simple one..it needn’t be hard to peel back or remove these pills..It must be merly visable to the eye that it was opened. Thats All..Make each and every blister pak a minium  of 2 inch to a 3 inch wide square..An make it easy peel. By increasing the size of the indiviual blister pak to a minium of  a  2 inch  square it will be instantly understood when first viewed that it was  opened and tampered with.
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