Never Sell Your Old LP Record Collection For Peanuts..

    My Personal Record Collection”800″LP’s

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  Never sell your old LP Record Collection for Peanuts.What these shrude operatorers will  attempt to do is give you 10 cents per Record  buying all of your prized vinyl  records all lets say for arguments sake all 200 for $50 That’s Paramount to Hi- way robbery.
Let me exsplain the situation..Originaly all there was was   vinyl  Rcorords..First 78rpm then 45rpm then The Long Play 33rpm..Now each tme a new format comes out on the market the record company must pay ther Artist for a new rights release.This was the case for 4 track Cartridges ..8 track Cartridges..Cassettes and Cd ‘s.
Lets say a fictional group for the purpose of this post was given  3 Million  Dollars when cassettes hit the scene.but now with compact disks(CD’S) the record company only offers only 25,000. Then group balks and says”Hey why the decrease”?  The record Company replies back “Well when we paid for your realeas or cassettes you were an active recording haven’t recorded or played gigs in 20 years”. That may be true says the group but we still  feel your still being unfair to us.
Now its been dejudicated in a court of Law that the Recording Artist can manufacture his own Cd”s but the Original Master Tapes or Disks remain  the sole property of the Record Company. Now the artist must find a clean LP 33 RPM Vinyl  Record to make his Cd..Also any and all Orginal Album Art stays with and is the Property of the Record  Company.That where your Record collection. value comes in.It may be very valuable ! Also many LP’s were multi Tracked…in other words each section of then band .the string section ..the brass section.Percussion and vocal section were all on seperate tracks…If one or more of the original tracks are diffective or missing..then they need a  Good Clean LP. vinyl record.. Plus if their records was recorded on a Master Disk ..the Master Disk is only  good for 10,000 copies ..again your record are exstremly valuable..So don’t let some smoth operater steal your colection for small amount.You may he sitting on Gold Mine.



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