A couple was transported to the hospital in a very awkward position last night after a man somehow got his head stuck in his wife’s vagina during a strange sexual game.

Tom and Janis Morrison, a young couple from the small town of Greensboro in Alabama, called 911 around 10:00 pm last night Despite Ms. Irving’s doubts, she sent an ambulance on the site and the paramedics rapidly realized that the situation was in fact very serious.Bill Austin, one of the paramedics who transported the couple, claims they were lying naked on their bed and partially covered in blood.
.“The woman kept screaming out in pain whenever the guy moved, but he had half of his face buried in there and he looked like he was going through Hell
 According to data collected by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 3,213 couples were hospitalized for such problems across the country in 2015 and 3,789 in 2016.According to the same data, the Morrison’s are not  the first couple to be hospitalized for a head stuck inside a vaginal cavity an elderly couple from Limpopo experienced the exact same thing.However The Morrison’s are the first couple since October 2007 to have this happen to them.
 * This story sort of reminds me of this old Joke : A husband painted the entire bathroom including the toilet seat…His wife goes into the bathroom and the next thing her Husband hears here yelling ” Honey help me I”m stuck”..she was physically stuck to the newly painted Toilet Seat.The Husband says” I’ll call the Super’  His wife replies “Hey what’s wrong with you I’m sitting  here stuck  to the toilet bowl seat  half-naked” Her Husband then say to her “here take my Fedora and put it over your lap to hide your private part ”  The  Super  arrives…He says Lady I can help you out but there is nothing I can do for the ” The Rabbi
Couple hospitalized after man gets his head stuck in his wife’s vagina/


Couple rushed to hospital with man’s head stuck in his wife’s vagina/


Man gets head stuck in wife’s vagina. – Channel 45 News/

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