Boycott All Profesional Baseball and Football Games

   Image result for extra news boy cartoon sign  When You pay nearly $80 for entry  to a Stadium to watch a  Baseball  or Football Game and then go ont to pay $8 for a hot dog or bottle of water and your Cable T.V. bill is close to or greater than $250 a month you can thank the Multi Million Dollar per year salaries that  all the profesional  Baseball and Football players are revieving..This is a great country that enables Athlets to earn more in one year than most of us will earn in our entire lifetime.
Now there is a trend or movement by these Athelets not to stand for our National Anthem.Maybe if we  never stopped the draft into the Army and more people put on a khaki suit this wouldn’t be occuring.
Let them move Cuba..they have Baseball teams there..perhaps then they  would appreciate what our flag stands for..Now some team owners are keeping players in the locker room to avoid this constroversy..not good enough.. Let us stress While no Law being broken the club owners are their bosses and as such they can  either permit it to continue or stop it with fines or suspendtion and if they still refuse to stand then give them  the pink slip for gross insubornation. The Ball is now in the Owners Court.   Ultimately  it’s up to the fans.. if you find no fault in them”taking a knee” during colors  then continue to attend the games..if not then do what I intend on doing stay home .

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