Today’s Car Washes Are Way Out of Line..

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         I don’t know about you but I like a clean car and bring it into the car wash every 2 weeks. Now they  are getting way out of line with their prices. They charge  for a full wash including, wax ,interior and tire shine  $24.00 plus I always  leave the workers a $3.00 tip.. Now the  workers in the back end that clean your wheels before they drive your car on to the belt have their hands out for a tip too ..They put up a sign “We do not share Tips with the front end workers and they started displaying  a big clear Tip Jar..If its busy  I make believe that I drop a  Dollar Bill in the Jar, but if it’s slow like when I’m the first customer in the morning I can’t get away with that and have to throw a buck in the Jar. That brings  the tariff up to $28.00, tax and tip included. The straw that broke the Camels Back was when I witnessed the workers cleaning my wheels with that heavy rough wisk utility broom and as they were done with the wheels preceded to use the broom on my hood and doors..They holla “Brushless car  wash” bull.. By the way it’s the same way at every car wash facilty. Now all these  car wash places hire immigrant  workers and I will say this right from the start “That They are the hardest workers in America’ but get paid very little just like all their restaurants do  with their employees.. however the owners  charge a premium price on their services, Simply Outrageous. High time to boycott the car car wash places untill they lower thier  prices…remember when they all used to charge extra for SUV’s until the public stayed away and then they all stopped that charge.
Listen that $56.00 a month I consider that a big hit in my wallet don’t you ?
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