Rescind Giveaway to Green Acres Developers and Do it Now!



Politicians  have given away the store.

This time they have sold out the future of Long Island for the Next two generations. To grant a tax break to the local mall developer at Green Acres on the backs of home owners  is nothing short of outrageous. Now all the politicians are all against it… where were they hiding when  this tax break was passed. A minium of $750 per year hike in property taxes and as much as $1,000-$1,500 per year. I say give the developers nothing but the old proverbial kick in the pants.


The public demands to know were the developers big campaign contributors? What do you think?


A Forensic bank search is in order.Was any money stock or anything of value passed  to either T.O.H elected  or  appointed  officials or any of their family members in the last 4 years.

That will definitely show up on any paper trail investigation.It doesn’t make  any sense why something of this nature and magnitude would even be give any thought whatsoever. You don’t have to have be nuclear  physicist to think and say

               “Hey what’s going on? “.


UNELECTED OFFICIALS  rushed this tax break through under the cover of darkness so to speak without any well advertised Town Hall Meeting whatsoever. You mean to tell me that our elected officials knew nothing?


Something of this magnitude had to pass muster with the higher up Elected Officials. Hempstead Town Supervisor Anthony Santino along with other elected higher ups claimed that they were not in the loop and are feigning ignorance saying that the first time that they knew anything about this was when they saw it on the 6 O’clock T.V.News.We don’t buy it for one second.

Now these same elected officials are saying that they are contemplating  rescinding on this deal and are putting it on hold.A Judge put a temporary stop gap measure on this deal.

Believe us why can’t they decide this immediately if they  really wanted to.

We all know the routine..It’s just a big stall tactic just to creating a public cooling off period so that their anger is subdued.

In a few months BOOM tax increase!


 I say do not ever vote for any incumbent official from the Town of  Hempstead that were serving while this travesty passed into law .

       Keep this in mind Today Valley Stream                     TOMORROW  YOUR TOWN

                       YOUR NEXT!


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