Recind The Giveaway to Green Acres Developers and Do it Now!

Image result for valley stream picketers picture over tax hike picture

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       Listen We saw on T.V.the Valley Stream Home Owners marching at the Town of Hempstead on town hall voicing their opposition to the grant give away to the Owners of the Green Acres Mall at  home owners exspence..Each & every Valley Steam homeowner’s taxes will now go up anywhere  from $850 to $ 1500 per year.. Like we stated in an earlier post a non elected Board voted it through..Don’t tell us that the Higher Up Elected officals knew nothing of this deal untill it hit the newspapers.Plus it was done in  the cover of darkness so to speak without holding any public forum.
   Now the new unelected Board members say that  they are contemplating recending it but says it I’ll take  months to decide on it. We at the Lerman Report don’t buy that..we think  it’s that just a stall tactic just to creating a public cooling off period so the public anger is subdued . Believe us why can’t they decide this immediately if they  really wanted to.
Something of this  maganitude had to pass muster with the higher up Elected Offcials. Hempstead Town Supervisor  Anthony Santino along with other elected higher ups claimed that they were not in the loop..You believe that? We at the Lerman Report.Com find it hard to fathom that they were held in the dark..A full investigation by a Fully Independent Procector is  in order…Any  malfeasance by any official elected or appointed  or Employee must go under the microscope & if any wrong doing is found..procecute them & put them in prision./end

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