N.Y.C. Landlord-Tenant Court Must Tilt in Favor of Landlord For A Change

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      N.Y.C .Tenent  Court is way tilted in favor of the deadbeat Tenent make no mistake about it. A tenent can stop paying  rent for any reason whatsover even if doesn’t involve Landlord  neglect or malfeasance and the courts will always tilt in the tenants favor..
        We Personaly know of an owner of a two family house, he bought a 2 family house as opposed to a single family home to help him  pay the morgage. Well the tenent was a good tenent on good term with his landlord which lived in the upstairs section  …then the tenant had some sort of brainstorm as to make his rental apartment a condo..”That’s out of the question the said the landlord ” the tenent then stopped paying any further rent. The landlord then shut off the electric..the tenant went the police & ..the complained ..the police told the  landlord he can’t do that as the  tenent has kids & he must keep the electric on. Every time that they went to court  the tenent received an exstention to further  stay at the  apartment rent free.The landlord argues that he has a morgage  obligation . .doesn’t  matter it always falls on deaf ears.
       Its high time that the Landlord is considered over the deadbeat Tenent . These deadbeats know  exactly what their doing . . What the deadbeat Tenents are doing paramounts to a grifter scam.  They do this all the  time  after this  poor soul  of a landlord gets taken they  will  move on & rent another place  & do the samething to the new Landlord.
       The courts never learn.. We could go on & tell you case after case  mirroring the above situation that we just describ.Oh by the way the deadbeat Tenent stayed rent and electric free for  3 years…
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