Regulate Fish Farming….

I remember back in the day circa 1950 -1960’s Every Friday restaurants accommodated those who had to refrain from meat..You could  get all the flounder or  fried shrimp you can eat  at a place such as Grants for 69 cents. When you ordered Shrimp Marinara you didn’t get 4 or 5 shrimp like you get today..It was loaded with shrimp..Same goes  Shrimp with Lobster Sauce at Chinese Restaurant
We were told that Shrimp  prices would drop with the advent of Fish farming particularly with its main stays such as Shrimp & The Smoked Fish industry consisting mostly of Lox, Sturgeon and such items..Today the Farm raised fish is not any cheaper you’d be lucky if you get 5 shrimp on any shrimp dish in any restaurant . .and Lox the color  has to be added  after its retrieved from the  Fish farm as the  Orange color only occurs when they swim upstream.
The sad  thing  is that  they often  feed these Farmed Fish  Pig Dung (crap)..At least  what’s arriving  from China and We wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it’s done here in the U.S.A .also.
What is equally as bad that  many ocean caught fish are basically the same thing..they  cordoned off  a spot in the ocean with massive amount of netting and that traps fish in the confines of that netting and feeds them there “which is Paramount to the exact same thing as fish farming.”
China has built a plethora of artificial islands all throughout the Pacific Rim dotting the Pacific Ocean with Thousands of Fish Farms and as well as we already mentioned loaded with nettings of Sustained Ocean Caught Fish.
Legislation is well over do so this is never done here.Just how  healthy is farm raised Fish anyway . You be the Judge.
studies on the effects of fresh and fermented pig manure on fish …
Impact of using raw or fermented manure as fish feed on microbial …
What Do Fish Farms Use For Feed? – Mercola





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