Time To Change Shopping Cart Procedure in America…

      I  remember  when some brain trust came up with the bright idea to have the  shoppers put a quarter in the Coral  in order to get a shopping cart & in order to get your  Quarter back you have had to return it to the coral..The Shoppers  rejected that system and looked for other  Supermarkets to do their shopping….it didnt work. I  haven’t been  to Florida in a while ,but when I was there I used to l used to like to shop at Publix  Supermarkets they had a system….Your  shopping cart with your  groceries went to the  left of the cashier & the shopper went to the right on a sort of circular cash out counter .  The bagger was on your left bagged your groceries as the cashier  rung them up & brought  them out to your car (a good deal of the time the bagger was a  retired senior citizen) No tipping allowed..if you tipped the bagger bringing it to your car ..they lost their job . .at least thats what I understood that occurred perhaps  I was wrong on that  but no one ever tipped.Hence no shopping carts and no more dings.


 lerman (1)

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