Exxon Chief Taped for Secretary of State Alarms Motorists..

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       The newly Trump pick for Secretary of State  has set up a red flag to many motorists throughout the nation..While Trump kept his cards close to his chest on this pick..One  many are saddened that Guilliani was somehow passed over for the slot..Were not sure if Guilliani  jumped or was  pushed but both him & Ambassador Bolton somehow were shown the door.
        We just saw  Opec lowering  oil production that alone is going to take a big toll at the pump..
         This exxon top executive scares drivers even more.many motorist believe that Big Oil was part & parcial to  the oil hike few years back when gas Prices soared to nearly  $5.00 a gallon at the pump. We are aware that there is a GOP majority in the Senate but we’d  nonetheless like to hear this be brought up at that Rex Tellerson conformation hearing and have his feet held to the fire so to speak on thus issue. We believe that his approval is not in the  nations best interest,the  oil hike a few years back recked  havoc on our economy many Americans lost their  cushion if comfortably abd never recovered their financial loss and cant rusk 1 -2 punch of another  oil hike..Sorry but our homeowners dont want to choose between heating their homes and feeding their families again.
       Bottom line  Rex Tellerson’s choice nit a good one, lets see if our Senaters will do the right thing & nix his conformation. Just like the Bannon connection to Trump all during the campaign and the Press feined ignorance right after the elction votes were tallied…you mean to tell us that all the mainstream media  new nothing about Tellerson?
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