Whoever Heads The Veterans Administration…Don’t Hold Your Breath For Any change

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 Whoever is tapped to head the Veteran’s Administration nothing will change not one ioda.  The outcry of disaproval is loud and clear, but let us tell everyone the Facts of Life. While we all heard the old expression “a New Broom Sweeps  Clean “We would bet our bottom  dollar  it’s  not going to happen. First off The top Echelon are all the high level and mid level employees most likely are not going anywhere they will most likely be kept around as not to loose the time in for their pensions & will continue on the VA’s Employ untill they put in for their retirement papers.

Secondly  no lower level workers will see a pink slip.They are either Political Appointees or  Union & its harder than pulling teeth to send them to the Unemployment  line..Gone are the days of Ronald Reagan along with the AirTraffic Controller  firing just not going to happen in 2017.

Thirdly the VA lures Doctors and Nurses  to work for them with huge sign on bonuses and the VA is not going to throw way their investment.  Lets clue in  all the workers in the VA’s employ..Just in case anybody forgot the VA does not exsist so the workers an make a living but to serve the Veteran..that’s all.


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