What’s The Story With All The Faulty Zippers On Jackets Today ?

Ruth Etting – Button Up Your Overcoat (1929)



 We would like to find the answer  what’s wrong  with all the zippers on today’s jackets?  Why are  they faulty?  Zippers separating from the track mid way down making it a hassle to some how  zipper it all the way up .
This never occurred years ago in the 1950″s. To the 1980″s.Whether the Zipper is either plastic or metal it doesn’t seem to matter.Its not a workable item today anymore..
Then there is the dual Zipper. I’ve yet been able to master its proper way of use. \Worse yet why in the world do some manufacturers reverse the zipper on the left side instead of the right.  Are these reverse Zippered intended for  Foreign  Markets outside the U.S. or intended for Left Handed  Individuals ?
By the way it runs  about  $35 to either repair or replace a  Jacket Zipper. My advise to you is buy a jacket with buttons if your able to find one

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