Town of Hempstead’s Santino’s Big B.S. PR Move at Train Stations Parking Lots.

Image result for santino toh picturesImage result for picture broken sidewalk and curb
Town of Hempstead Presiding Supervisor Anthony Santino has issued a ruling that clean engine cars will get a priority parking spot at certain L.I.R.R Parking lots..What a bunch of B.S..While the Town of Hempstead unelected board just gave away the store with this Green Acres Mall Developers on Valley Stream,it appears that this crap is nothing more than damage control.
While  Homeowners have grown old and gray  waiting for new Sidewalks ,Aprons and Curbs this is the P.R.crap we have to hear. Does it make any sense that if can afford a $35,000 new clean car you  will received preferential  treatment at R.R. parking lots but if your  amoung the working poor & only  afford an old clunker..”to bad  so sad “
The mailings from the T.O.H officials cost a small fortune to send out with the P.O. this  just  a total waste of taxpayers hard earned money.The Town  has to take  long hard look and reassess itself  .
We want closure and accountability on this Green Acres Mall Developers  tax give away..We want updated roads and  more scrutiny on contacts to those who received  contracts to service  the Town..And we want it now !


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