KASICH Exit the Republican Primary Now



  JOHN KASICH  …  Drop out of the Race for being the republican  nominee for president now.  I don’t know Whatever your smokin , but its just a pipe dream . Even if you can upsurp the will of the voters no Trump Or Cruz voters will ever vote for you. All your doing is an exercise in circumventing the will of the people,this is not Russia  but the U.S.A. and in this country we pick our leaders.

     You may think your  shrewd but your loosin respect of the registered republican voters. Go back to Ohio and do the job that you we elected to, I know that I’ll stay home on  Nov. 4th and not vote, I  and millions will not cast a vote for you  I urge the electorite also to do the same as me & stay home and not vote if kasich, Paul Ryan, Romney  or any one else tries to steal to primary form the voters…Please exit the race now.


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