Zika Virus, a Shame a Tragedy..Wish No One Gets It But It Will Bring Abortion In Some Instances In A More Favorable Light


    Whenever Virus, a Shame a Tragedy we wish no one gets it.However  it will bring Abortion in a more favorable light In some instances. This virus transmitted by mosquito bites can be one of the worst pandemics of this century .We wish it on no one …no one does but if  We may be so bold to say most pregnant woman pregnant with  a zika virus pregnancy will look at abortion as a major option .For some Pro Life candidates to say that he is against abortion for any reason is nothing short of outrageous.It’s heartbreaking giving birth to someone with this deformity to say the least.For those who wish to block any abortion in a case such as this is utterly outrageous .
All the Pro Life Elected Officials tell every one not to abortion yet these children born with this or any developmental condition  are in need of a lot of  training.These same pro life Politicians  consistently always vote down any and all aid packages that these kids need.
We at the International Herold say let them mind thier own business/end
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