WHAT KIND OF ELECTION SYSTEM DO WE HAVE ? All state primary elections  should and must be held on the same have  a backward low populated state such a Iowa set the pACE FOR THE FRONT RUNNER IS ABURD  .JUST HOW POPUALTED IS IOWA ANYWAY ..THEY STARTED CAUCUSING AT 7PM AND AT 9 PM THEY WERE DONE . THE ELECTION IN THIS COUNTRY IS SUPPOSED TO BE BEHIND A CURTAIN ..PRIVATE TO SAY THE LEAST.then theres another low populated state new hampsure  with less people than in  the Town of hempstead in nassua county, ( there are 3 townships in nassau county .town of hempstead is just one ).All primeries have to and must be on the same day period. this make a mockery out of our electorial system..Many people question whether the elections are on the up and up ..above board . and whether they are racked with fraud, people are sayinng that in iowa’s democratic primary that the smell of fish is in the air, un other words somethingd fishy with the results ..thats an all together different  matter.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Iowa voter

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