Say No To new proposed Oil tax


       Rumour  has it that before president Obama leaves office he is going to imposes  a $10.00 abarrel oil tax..This will Ruin what ever gains in the economy we had in the with lower oil at the pump.Home heating oil will also go up in price as well as deisel fuel,and already truckers are outragged.

     Congress will most proberly do squat since there will be more money in then federal coffers for their pork barrel projects. Our economy will be stagnated once more and we will go back to a recesion immediatly when and if this occurs. We at the Lerman Report said a couple of years ago that big oil is the key to our ecconomic downfall and oil must return to $1.60 per gallon at thepump for a recovery ..well $ 1.95 was pretty darn close. Once again homeowners in cold climates will be forced to choose between heating their home and  feeding their families .

    Write or call your congressman and Sentors and tell them your dismay /end

Obama’s budget will not lead to $10 oil tax: Kemp
Obama Proposes $10/Barrell Oil Tax To Fund Government ..
Obama’s $10 oil tax proposal would cost motorists

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