New Low of Rudeness For Shopkeepers

shopkeeppper 3
          How many time have you  went to a store to be checked out or buy a lotto ticket or whatever and the owner or clerk behind the counter doesn’t get off the phone with their personal call? Or even say excuse me Sir/ Madame I’ll be right with you ? We all experienced this  one time or another.
With all the Lotto stores or Bagel Bakeries or Pizza  Parlors & Delis around you would  think that they would care if they lose your business.Sad to say they don’t give a  crap… and guess what ? It ain’t going to change either.We noticed at a lot of retail stores especially the big chains non of the cashiers be instructed to say thank you  to the custumer anymore.We guess that  it’s ok with the management.
This is the era of disrespect and that’s the way its going to remain ./end
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