Old Time Jewish Belief

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I remember my mother and my grandmother had many Mystical Jewish Beliefs if I can term them that way.  For instance if  a house Fly was to get into the house it was a dead relative bearing news that everything upcoming will be allright.
I recall when My grandmother saw two birds perch on her window sill one a ne fat bird  & the other a  thin bird the day before her surger.,She said that the fat one was her husbad  (my Grandfather) and the thin one was her mother  ( my great grandmother) come from the after world to let her know that everything will be alright!
 My mother would often say that when Fly was in the house that is that my deceased father so don’t  kill  it. As strange as this sounds this was the central Jewish Belief over  a 1/4  century ago .I honestly doubt that it is tought today.

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