Starbucks Not Wise to Inject Politics In Their Stores

         I learned one important lesson when I was in Business at my Day Old bread  Store, It’s the first thing you learn and that’s never discuss Politics or Religion with your customers. Starbucks is wrong to ask customers so put forth their sentiments and send it to Uncle Sam  no matter what the merit or non merit of the matter period !
    While I’m here let me say  a few words about big Dept. Stores asking customers  for charitable donations . For example…I went to Wal-Mart and the greater came up to me  and said “Would you mind give  a donation to ————? I said listen I shop Wal-MArt to save money not give it away!  They wan to collect a large stash of gelt  (money )and go on T.V. and say look what we donated. You want to donate? use your own money not the costumers.I give to my own Charities at home and don’t need them to hit me up each and every time I shop’
..Let  all tof these chartable organizations set up shop  in front of store as such as Neman Marcus & not the Stores that cater to lower income shoppers.
So this  was a bad move on Starbucks part  Plain and simple/end


Gustoff Zhychick Says;

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5 comments on “Starbucks Not Wise to Inject Politics In Their Stores

  1. donald # 1 cousin says:

    Talking about politics , is it fair to shut down parks, federally funded land and governmental building and furlough federal workers. While the white house is also a federaal funded building and the OBAMAS still reside there.
    RETIRED PEOPLE who lived on federal land had to leave their homes


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  3. Roscoe Dutka says:

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