Size Does Matter… When It Comes to Supermarket Packaging

               Manufacturers have been lessening the amount on their packaging to appear that they are holding the line on inflation  their products , NOT SO ! what they are doing is charging more for less product , for example :Ice cream from 1 gallon to 11/2 qt, coffee from 12 oz. to 10oz  , pasta from 1 lb to 12 oz ,and paper towels from 80 sheets  to 55 sheets .
The list goes on and  on. whats frustrating to cooks is that you have to actually buy more and can’t simply follow a recipe that for example calls for 4 cups when the can of stock is now 12 oz..get the picture , either the consumers can form some sort of a boycott which is impracticable or    write your legislators and have  them enact good consumer laws  /.end

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