Bagel Nosh Changed The way The World Eats Bagels

     Before the 1980’s when Bagel Nosh hit the N.Y scene  Jewish people were  basically  the primary  customers for Bagels. For the most part  Bagel Bakeries  were  not  open in the early morning . Jewish  folks  liked their Bagels  at night  with the exception of Sunday mornings. Jews would buy lox and cream cheese earlier in the day and when you had house guests in the evening someone would venture out to the Bagel  Bakery  & Pick up some Hot Bagels..Bagel  Nosh changed that concept at least in my neck of the woods.
Bagels have now become the main morning staple with everyone overtaking Donuts.Every day the working public makes their daily Pilgrimage to their favorite Bagel Store to have with to buy one to enjoy with their morning cup of coffee.I was a bit surprised when I first saw Ham being offered on Bagels on the Bagel Nosh menu back in the day. As a matter if fact when I first saw that it actually shocked me.Today Bagels are now enjoyed Internationally and has overtaken Pizza as a the #1 Ethic treat World Wide..So when you grab you’re morning coffee with a bagel  early in the day..thank Bagel Nosh!

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