Bums Spoil Recycling in Municipalities

Hobo, You Can’t Ride This Trai.
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Bums Or as they are known today as homeless in the 1930’s we’d call them Hobos ,but for the purpose of this story, I’ll refer to them as Bums, they are hogging the soda and bottle deposit booths and forcing us  many to   dump their deposit cans and bottles in the garage and loose their deposit.
I see them pushing large supermarket carts filled to capacity with empty soda cans and taking up all the space at the deposit booths, In my area I can see a sea of Bums wheeling in those over stacked supermarket wagons with bottles & cans And the average  Mr. & Mrs can”t redeem their empties.
The supermarket should crack down on this, many have   & those that have are very lack in enforcing it and so the our cans windup in the trash. there must be  a limit and it must be in inforced  because its hindering our  recycling efforts  ..end

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