Colleges Making Out Like Bandits


Colleges  Are  Making Out Like Bandits  Today An Education Costs As Much As $80,000 Per Year And That’s Paramount To Hy-way Robbery

  Before the Viet Nam war  only the upper middle  class and rich went  onto college for the most part, the students of the working poor went on to trade school or straight to work from High School.
The  Viet Nam War changed that forever. At first it was a way out of the war and draft now has become the standard the Norm for most. The most brilliant of student did not go on to higher education, the war had put and end to that forever.Today a High School diploma is nothing more than an attendance certificate.When many.students graduated High School a College Education cost $10 000 for the complete 4 years..
25 years ago a college education costs around $40,000 for 4 years today it’s that much per year. Ex or former  graduated  Students are defaulting on their student loans & they can never pay them back. People’s credit is being ruined  for life , something is  wrong with this system .Its lopsided  the only ones befitting for the most part are the colleges.  College tuition must be capped and rolled back to 1960 prices
All The Bru HaHa and commotion about Affirmative Action was a shame because it didn’t have to divide America.
Why you ask.. because at $80,000 tuition they could accommodated everyone..well enough money to hire more professors get more books and build more classrooms. …  That’s not $80,000 but $80,000 per student per year ..sad let us all wake up and see it for what it really is college is a  merely  a business for the owners and stock holders of the college nothing more.Don’t let anyone tell you that ”I’m going  to college for an education”…BULLSH-T. they’re going for a piece of paper… A BA,an MA , A PHD,your lucky if when you graduate that if you’ll get a J.O.B.


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