Beards Should be Allowed in All Segments of Military and Police in U.S.A.

  Beards should be allowed  in all phases of military and police in this country. The British Army always allowed the Indians to be bearded & their Sikh soldiers turbaned.It in no way did it hindered their performance Simply by not allowing its just plain  biased plain and simple whether its Jew – Muslim -or what ever culture .Anyone that wants a beard  should be permitted to one have one.In ancient times soldiers were told to shave off their beards since in battle an approaching soldiers can pull it and disable him. Most cases men who complains  about a beard is unable to grow a good beard due to lack of facial hair. or their Boss won’t allow them to do so.
The N.Y. C Police academy to dismissed an applicant after he went through the training course is just unconscionable  he should be reinstated immediately if not sooner,end

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