Attention All Readership Of The Competitive Eating Corner

 ‘We at  The Lerman Report  have decided to remove “The  Competitive     Eating   Corner” And replace it  with the Miscellaneous Page which will Have local N.Y. and Long Island News as well as any  category not pertaining to World News desk, Jewish News orJewish Humor.We did this as a lack of interest in Competitive eating from myself and the pubic  at large . I have walked away a winner after winning my last contest at Duke’s Restaurant    and having done that, I no longer wish to focus on competitive eating anymore. I would like to say that I have no interest whatsoever   in any contest today and having said that will be  shutting down this page ,  I wish to thank everyone  of my loyal readership for their support. 

BY weeks end the new title should be up …. Don Lerman, Blog Administrator


THIS IS THE ARMY – 1943 clip 5 (Army,– click to hear

Exiting the competitive eating arena  a winner

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