What Technology is Uncle Sam Sitting On?





  If  you still don’t have  a Computer or Cell  Phone and I  know many  who don’t have either as of yet then Your living in the past.
Wake up and smell the Technology.
I had a friend who was in the Artillery in Viet  Nam circa1965.. He went on to tell me that they had T.V. Monitors in the field that was satellite equipped that could pinpoint enemy troops at ground leve..I mean this was 1965.
I remember President Carter. when he was President saying that at Camp David that they have a room that will show via satellite showing a clear picture sidewalk level at any location in the entire world.What year you ask ? 1976.  What would you rather do without for a week your T.V. set or your Cell phone?
Of the people we polled nearly all said that they would  rather have their Cell Phone.
Look at the GPS amazing technological advancement that it can be set up in any car. 
    Just what is the government sitting on a cure for Cancer and  other diseases?Perhaps Sitting on that for  a fear of over population ? Seeing through walls without cameras?Talk about paranoid..Time travel or being put in a state of flux? Stick around if your alive in 30 years you’ll find out  .
WORLD HITS ON THE LERMAN REPORT THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture


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