Stay Away From Jones Beach This Season


Poison Ivy   – CLICK OPEN  LINK IN NEW TAB TO HEAR                 I just returned from a concert at Jones Beach,Mary Lamont, she preformed excelent as always, however the Gnats  , Mosquitoes and frogs  were all over  the place , a major distraction and annoyance,

During the day they charge you $10 a car for a poison Ivory, infested  Filthy beach, The Men’s toilet was filthy as usual, urine on the floor , urinals and commodes not flushed  loaded with feces, . And again for the 2nd year in a  row no Fireworks show . The entrances and exits leading to the parkways are not lit up  , making it very dangerous at night, I know I never felt more uncomfortable riding on  a parkway in all my 40 plus years behind the wheel.

where is our tax dollar going . upstate , to maintain parks in their localities , who knows but Long Island pays the lion share of the states taxes sand we get Squat. Boycott Jones beach, The concession Stand  is priced as if your going into   Yankee stadium    and did  I mention   the ocean is dirty, the U.s Army Corps of Engineers should clean up the water . it looks like someone if i may express my self in Yiddish     ”Gay Cocken Ofen Yom” Translation = someone shit in the ocean. stay away this  season and show  your  displeasure with the beach …end

One comment on “Stay Away From Jones Beach This Season

  1. mj says:

    omg…………..gnats, mosquitos and frogs……….oh my, outdoors by the sea, how dare they invade the beach!
    why not help clean up the beach, be the solution, and never mind the boycott. It is a beautiful beach, sadly day trippers and out of towners and seagulls leave some trash behind, I complain but also put my money where my mouth is and join the clean ups at least twice a year……


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