Let There Be No More Teaching Hospitals & Residency Programs In The U.S.A.

 perating room


Let there be a new ruling,law or whatever that disallows teaching hospitals & residency programs in U. S. Hospitals period. Let all the teaching Hospitals & Residency Programs be overseas in the  3rd world nations the very same nations that where most of the Doctors are coming from to learn their trade in the U.S.A..There are no medical schools in these 3rd world nations and so they come here to study and learn with the firm understanding that when they become full fleged Doctors  they are to return to their homeland… But low & behold they get married here & have baby (whats now known as an Anchor Baby) & stay forever & never go Back to their homeland. American born and raised students of all Racial and Ethic Backgrounds and every walk of life are routinely turned away from  Medical Schools Admittng  Offices to accomadate these 3rd World Sudents.Their quest to come here to get their education was a sham a ruse merly a preorchestrated plan all along..Both the Colleges and Dept.Of Immigration never learns their lesson…because  this has been going on unabatted for nearly a half a century.
          We in America pay to dearly for medical coverage not to be treated by a resident or student doctors.There medical care could kill  you . I asked the undertaker at my Grandfathers funeral what is the busiest season for the Funeral Homes?  Is it when it snows and elderly folks are doing their own shoveling? He replied no , its when the attending Doctors go on vacation  in July and basically leaving the residents unsupervised! How sad that it  occurs in this country. Let the residents practice on a cadaver or abroad. Don’t get me wrong I really  don’t one way or another where any Doctor’s family originally hailed from  and they could have been from Timbuctoo for all I care… but I want a Doctor who’s first language is English..
 I was operated for a hernia and  a resident did the surgery … I couldn’t walk or stand for a month, residents can kill, they could you cripple you and butcher you .Like I mentioned earlier what the American  public pays for health care no Residents should not be performing surgery or even treating anyone in this great country of ours . Only Attending Practicing Doctors. /

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