Hospital Empty Floors. What’s Really In There?

Let us State Emphatically Right Now That Neither Myself Our Editorial Staff or Staff Itself Or Our Proxy’s Have Never  Witnessed  What Is On Those Floors..That’s Our Story and That’s Is What We Are Sticking To.
Hospital Empty Floors. What’s Really In There
Well Brace Yourself..Have A Seat..Take A Shot Of Scotch As Of What We Are About out of To Reveal

Warning Some People May Find Seeing This Objectionable 

If You Ask About Empty  Floors With No Elevator or Stairwell Access You Most Probably Be Told That They Are Electrical ..Let Us At The Lerman Report  Clue Everyone What We Believe Is what actually Is Occurring.
    Please play 1 YOU Tube At A Time

Warning Some People May Find Seeing This Objectionable 

        There Are Rumours That Babies Born With One Center Eye Are More Common Place Than We Have Been Led To Believe..and they can have as much longevity As Anyone Else..These Poor Souls Can Not Survive The Tounts And Stares Of The insensitive General Public So Here Is Their Forever home.There are also a. Cornucopias of assorted deformed people.These poor souls  must be housed behind closed doors as they to would also be stared at and put on a level of a walking freak show.Them along with one middle eyed folk must live a cloistered life on empty hospital floors forever
Warning Some People May Find Seeing This Objectionable 

*Warning Some People May Find Seeing This Objectionable 

Tragic ‘cyclops’ baby born with one eye after mum was ‘exposed to mercury .
Warning Some People May Find Seeing This Objectionable 
Amnesia  Victims..Most Folks Watch Plenty Of T.V.And We See What  The Producers Try To Convey  To Us Of What Its Like To Loose  Your Memory..
When You Have Some Sort Of Traumatic Brain  Trauma You Just Don’t Remember Who You Are ..But Become The Same Mentality Like A Baby Once Again. These Amnesia  Victims Must Start Life All Over Except That They Are In An Adult  Body..Diapers ..They Must Start Over & Learn To Walk And Talk And Everything Else  Once Again..This Takes A lifetime.
Remember that Seinfeld Episode When Kramer Spots A Pig Man In One If The Rooms?That very well was art  imitating life..more real.than we all thought  when wet the my watched  that Seinfeld Episode.
Accident Victims From Automobile crashes To People  Who Plunge From 30 Story Buildings..Yes Many Survive But Live Life As A Crippled  Pretzel So To Speak way Beyond A Regular  Quadriplegic
These Floors Are Trusted To Nursing And Other Medical Staff Who Understand  The Meaning Of Mums The Word..Now You Know What May Be Going  On In All These High Rise Hospitals  With Closed Floors.
WORLD HITS ON INTERNATIONAL HEROLD THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture


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