Concerning The Toppling Of Our Beloved Statues Whould Democrat Politicans Be So Accepting If White Mobs Reciprocated And Destroyed Monuments Dedicated To Martin Luther King?

Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo called the attacks on monuments “healthy expression” and “good statements.”Speaker Nancy Pelosi basically  uttered the same sentiments saying Vandals Can Destroy Statues Because “People Do What They Do.


‍Actor Robert Davi on keeping Columbus Statuses 

Would Those  Two Dare To Utter The Same Thing If A Mob Did The Same Thing To A Monument Of Martin Luther King? Both Acts Would Be Abhorrent And We At The Lerman Report Will Condone No Act Of Any Kind Concerning Any Desecration and Of Any And All Statues and Monuments Here In The U.S.A. Period.
What The Democrat Leadership Is Doing Is Pandering For Votes On Everyone’s Back In Order To Cater To The Most Violent Radical Elements Of Our Society.The Democrat Governors And Mayors Should Have Nipped This Insurrection In The Bud.The Rioting,Looting And The Rest Of The Mayhem Should Have Been Dealt With As It Was Occurring ..And This Nest Of Sessionists,Terrorists And Rioters  Should Never Have Been Given Cart Blanche To Get A Foothold In Destroying The Nation.By Early Morning It Should Have Been History. 
WORLD HITS ON INTERNATIONAL HEROLD  THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture            

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