As Americans We Must Fight & Resist The Globalists Agenda At All Costs Or Lose American Democracy

There is an ungoing movement to.Elminate  Borders…Have one World Goverment..One Religion.

It is already underway. The Chaos  that we are witnessing right here in The American Cities is a well orchestrated plan.We keep hearing they blame George Soros..While we and no media outlet can not point fingers at Soros with any degree of certaintly.We will say this..An awful amount of money is being pumped into this the amount has to be stagering as to make it impossible that anyone person has this amount of disposal cash available to funnel into this cause.

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We like our American way of life and both it’s values and our standard & we will resist and fight  any and infiltration and I want and change from In American foreign influen ces.

WORLD HITS ON INTERNATIONAL HEROLD THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picturef

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