Believing Black Lives Matter And Supporting The Organization Black Lives Matter Are Two Separate Things..

While We believe that Back Lives Matter as well as all lives We remain vehemently against the organization Black Lives Matter.

The Organization Black Lives Matter has Anti Jewish Platform accusing Israel of Genocide.

Jews were on the front  lines in Selma along with Dr.Martin Luther King .For years of support what do they get..a kick in the Ass.They have aligned with Palestinian groups and if that was no bad enough the BLM leadership is anti Semitic.

Anti Semitic Rhetoric as well as flyers making their circulation at these BLM ‘s protests sites are being observed.While We can not tie BLM to this vile literure their supporters are vocal echoing those  Anti Semitic thoughts The rioting and looting do absolutly nothing for advancing any black cause ..but sets its back years.

Other Black Leaders such a Mark Lamont Hill (Pictured Above)are ardent supporters of Palestinians and Big Haters of Israel.

The wanton destruction of properlY cry’s out for a quick resolution by police.

Black leaders such as Tomika Malory who shut out Jews from any participation in the Starbucks sensitivity training said “I don’t give a damn if they burn down,”

Mallory added. “I don’t give a damn if they burn down Target, because Target should be on the streets with us, calling for the justice that our people deserves.

Now the Black community from these ransacked,looted and burnt down business’s will not likely see these big retailer reopen in those areas for a good 10-15 years.

The best way to support Black lives is to distance and divorce yourself from radical militant outfits like the present Black Lives Matter Organization.

Dream Defenders, Black Lives Matter & Ferguson Reps Take Historic Trip to Palestine.

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WORLD HITS ON THE INTERNATIONAL HEROLD THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture