Open All Stores Now Or Risk Economy Going Down The Tubes


Like in a war ..There is always colateral can’t be avoided.
Unless we want boarded up stores fronts and a country looking more a third world nation and people walking around with wheel barrels of devalued currency..
Then open all retail outlets now.Yes many more will die from corona ..but that’s the colateral damage we have to have in order to save our economy and nation.I wish and fervently hope that we all remain safe & healthy buf we have roll the dice now and chance it
Open All Stores Now Or Risk Economy Going Down The Tubes.
Why early on in thus pandemic some stores such as like Big Lots could stay open and not Marshals? Its a technicality that they sell sundries ..razors toothpaste etc.
So because they sell that they can still operate and still sell furniture.Staples office Depot also stayed  open as well.
We will tell everyone this “Let all retail  stores  reopen period”..Have both hired help and customers masked and gloved but for the sake  of our future economy let them reopen now.Soace Tables in restaurants  but open them all up now.
Years ago when many of us were in school we all learned about ever nations natural resouses Coal,Timber,Ore,Oil etc.
Today most if not Euroupean Nations as well as countries such as Greece,Israel Spain etc make their living strictly from Tourism and Tourism only..Italy already announced that it is suspending all Tourism for 3 years..They must have some up ticks or inside information on Covid 19 and its severity that where not hearing  on the evening news.With the exception with stated such as Florida whose economy is based on vacationers and Retired communities the U.S. makes no more than 2% of its income on tourism..So for us Tourism  is a non issue.Florida will suffer big time as it attracts retirees with a tax abaitment ..The reason Florda hss no income tax is that they pass on to  tourists or vacationers who wind up footing the bill with high taxes on everything from car rental  to everything else.
Other than eateries we see no reason why We can’t start opening up more retail outlets now ..Have a store policy of limiting the amount of people in a store at a time can be implemented.Have someone standing with a clicking device  spacing those entering  each store.
Bottom line open all retail businesses now ..require masks for everone entering and take it from there Retail stores are already 3 months in the rears with their rent In a few more months it’ll be impossible for a shop keeper tenats to pay their landlord and you’ll see store after store boarded up.Open up America’s Retailers Now!
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