U.S.Economy Will Be In Shambles Worse Than Crash Of 29

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Let everyone exspect to see the U.S.Economy In Shambles Worse Than Crash of 29.Due to stores and other Brick & Mortar concerns staying closed and the subsequent of not paying any rent all during this Corona Crisis.


Many landlords if not all will  refuse to allow Buisness’s to bring in their Employees yet The perspective  Business’ must continue to pay their rent.Others such as restaurants will not  be able  to reopen after months of  forces closing  by the municipal and State Governments  in addition  must also make your payments on rent.This will alter the landscapes in out towns and cites across our nation.
Our Economy will be in a spiral free fall for many money perhaps years .


We will see many neighborhood stores  permanantly  boarded up shut.Most will be Mom & Pops the likes you ever seen.
As  businesses of all kinds shut closed for those Covid 19 many will never reopen even its’s over hence millions of people unemployed.


There will be a similar comparison to  the Depression of 1929

The Great Depression of 29 was not a collapse of our Dollar as was the case in Euroupe but an uneven redistribution of wealth as Wall Street called in the margine on stocks.After WW11 The Italian Economy went belly up.People were seen with wheel barrels full of bills as their Unit of courrency was devalued down to nothing She thing practictly happed in Germany after  WW1.
That’s not going to be our picture.
While the American Dollar will remain strong ..just like 1929 it’ll be in hands of Big Corporations, Uncle Sam and the few lucky individual s who had a cushion of savings to rely on.Bigger Retail Outlets will swollow up smaller outputs and grown bigger while get little guy will take years to achieve the level of success that was all before Covid19 began.


The landscape of your neiborhood is about to change drastically.We will witness longtime familiar shops going to the wayside and disappeare from the American scence.The look of retail will take on a different appearance .We will recover but will never be the same.
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