Let There Be No Stimulous For Oil Companies Or Cruise Ships Who Flag With Foreign Nations.

Trump lost us in this one..It rendered bipartisan support.Our law makers should be ashamed of their selves.First let us discuss Ships that chose to be flaged  by either Bahamian,Iberian in Panamanian . to avoid paying taxes into the U.S.coffers.In fact when doing that though they save a bundel they are not Uncles Sams  responsibity to either protect,defend ior to come to to ther aid in any time of conflict.It is incumbent on the nations that they sail under to do that.A while back the U.S.pulled a ships chestnut out of the fire when they got in hot water(no pun intended,)They dont deserve our Navy’s protection or bailout by Uncle Sam.

A while back in the strait of Hurmuz a Steam  not flying the U.S.flag was threatened by Iran..since they were forign flaged it was never our obligation irresponsibility to come to their aid..but we did the U.S.come to their aid like shmucks.I would let them stew in their distress.Maybe have them pay 30 Years back taxes & a promise to reflag under U.S.for ten years.

New the oil companis give them what they did to motorist  over the years bend them river their desks and give them bubkis ,zilch ,nada goose eggs.they profit enough.It was up to the editorial Staff at the Lerman Report we would nationalize them…

What or legislators did was despicable a giveaway to underservng entities.The stimulis they are to give to Americans is a pidance.Just how much more pork did they include I’m this stimulus bill? When both parties want to work together they do..for pork giveaways..read below link..

List of flag of convenience countries
Pop. 4.8 million
Marshall Islands
Marshall Islands
Pop. 58,000
Pop. 4.0 million
The Bahamas
The Bahamas
Pop. 39


WORLD HITS ON THE LERMAN REPORT THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture


 lerman (1)
The Lerman Report Staff.


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