Mass Shooters Should Get Life Sentence- 24 Hr. Solitary Confinment Without Any Privileges Plus Publicly Cained On A Weeklly Basis

Every mass shooter like one who committed the recent Parade shooting to the Parkland shooting to down and The Texas school shootings as well as Shooters who shot up a synagogue while services were in session that took place om Pittsburgh and the also at the Chabad Center of Poway synagogue in Southern California should receive Life sentences that includes 24 Hr. Solitary confinement without any privileges whatsoever No ands ifs or buts..
This thought should also be applied to every deranged  maniac such as thus shooter that targets people in such a manner whether they be a lone Gunman or from a Terrorist Organization…
They should be publicly cained on a weekly basis as it may serve as a deterrent to others.


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