Municipalities Stealing Taxpayers Blind And Are Focusing On Banning Plastic Straws As A Diversion

Who is bullshitting who?..Municipalities are raising taxes to the roof .. Giving away 6 figure  patronage jobs &  no-show jobs to political cronies as if it were candy…no bid contracts..wasteful useless grant & study money giveaways and all this continues to go on unabatted.They are focusing on a smoke screen of an issue banning “plastic Straws” Is everyone that stupid to allow this charade this Shame to go on?
Another Red Herring is the “Plastic Shopping Bags “.The real reason for that is the retailers want to pass the cost of their bags to their customers and not  preserving our landfills & environment as they are telling us..looks like they got a great return on their lobbying efforts  to eliminate the cost of  bags from their own expenditure. What a we’d like to know just how much money the retail industry spent lobbying your local legislators to pass this bag issue into  law . Guess what the buying public still has to throw the bags away in to the garbage unless they intend to start a bag collection.Did  that ever cross their minds? So the bags still wind up back going into the landfills just as before only now the retailers save a bundle.
Oh yes Mr.& Mrs.Public now must bring  10-20  canvas bags from home every time that they go shopping and marketing…Fat Chance that will ever occur.
Wake up and demand that your local municipality stop this scam that they are perpetrating on Mr .& Mrs .Public


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