New Way Companies Are Doing Buisness..Leaving No Contact Phone Numbers.

  We don’t know about you but We have been a situations where we had to get in touch with some particular Companies that we are doing business with.
They hide or  downright omit it from either their web page or  make sure that it never appears on any search engine.There other  outfits that all though lost their phone numbers..They make certain that their mail box is always full..thus impossible to leave a message .
Others will put you on hold and after hope that after holding on for 10 minutes that you get disgusted and hang up..guess? Even if you stay on the line they will hang up on you & pretend it’s a malfunction.


Some outfits will post a contact page which intended for customers to leave their complaints..Most of the time issues that they give you to click on does not pertain to your problem whatsoever.However 999 out of 1,000 times you will never get reply back anyway.The law should be written as making it mandatory for them have an active contact number.


We all have to face up to reality that they do not want to speak to anyone who has a problem with their company other word they take your money a run.No different then fly by night outfit.Keep this in mind an honest reputable company wants to correct something that went wrong with their product or services…


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