U.S.Woman’s Army Corps Picture Being Circulated With WAC Wearing A Shemagh Ascot

Just who is responsible for this picture of an American WAC sporting a Palestinian Hamas/El Fatah Shemagh Ascot on her uniform? Is the Pentagon aware of this? What about the Department of the Army were they  in the loop on how this picture became made and circulated?

Any time a U.S.uniform complete with official insignia’s are used in either a movie..T.V.Show, Commercial or Print add  it must have the official permission from the particular branch of service.This print add was not created hap hazard band neither by accident but deliberately created having an American woman soldier wearing a symbol of Terrorists and resistance against Israel.

Even though the ads picture is right in your face it still resonates sort of a subliminal style of  message.Whoever put this add together wanted to make a political statement that is contrary to the to  the current Trump Administrations U.S. policy and at the same time attempt to manipulated your sympathies visa vie the Arab Israeli conflict.
Who commissioned this add with featuring an American Service member wearing  a keffiyeh as part of their uniform?
The  keffiyeh scarf  or Shemagh Ascot is not GI issue  and wearing it disgraces the uniform.Somebody at the pentagon had to both commission and approve this add.While complements and alcaldes poured in on Facebook to what seemed to be a proud woman serving her country ..no one seemed to question the  shemagh on a U.S Army uniform except the members of INTERNATIONAL HEROLD.
Although the add does not actually say U.S.Army it is meant to appear that it is.
We are intimating an enquiry and will find out who the culprits are.
Palestinian keffiyeh – WikipediaImage result for hand pointing picture
WORLD HITS ON THE INTERNATIONAL HEROLD THIS QUARTER…Image result for hand pointing picture


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