Liberal Return Policy Of Most Stores Will Be Soon Be Coming To An End

The liberal return policy of most stores will be coming to a close & will be a thing of the past within the next 2 years. Stores accept everything from clothing to Electric Razors as returned items in virtually any condition including ripped boxes and such.
In the past stores scrutinized returned with a fine tooth comb .40 years ago it was almost impossible to get your money back or even an even exchange item..Guess what those days are returning soon
Many people tell us that after returning home with an Electric Razor that they discover hairs from the previous purchasers in it.Most if not all returned items are immediately repacked..restocked and resold.On some items the repackaged box doesn’t match the serial number on the item..that means only that the defective item was returned but the original carton was either kept by the first customers as it was not in good shape or it was replaced by the store. (many manufactures supply retailers selling their products with extra boxes for just that reason).


  So we will urge everyone in the strongest language to always be 100% certain that when buying something electrical to make sure that the serial number on the outside of the carton matches the serial number on the unit inside the carton..a dead give-away that it was a return item.
We at The Lerman Report  personally know higher-ups in the Retail Industry who confided with us on this new return policy which slated to take place within the next 2 years & you can take this info to the Bank!


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