When The Shah Was In Power We Should Have Given Him More Support

Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi iranchamber.com

Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi iranchamber.com

  The was never the level of hatred from the Iranian people towards Jews and Israel  & The U.S when the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi of Iran was in power.  The Iranian people lived comfortable under the Shah.
As far as signed Iranian deal is concerned the U.S.did not violate the contract terms by scraping this  one side bizarre Iranian nuclear Deal. Let us at The Lerman Report clue everybody in.
First of all Trump did not  to scrape the deal by  violating a contract. For those who know U.S. Law there is stipulation that was enacted by an  act of  Congress that allows for final rectification for any deal or as we like call it an escape clause.
The Iranians down right lied about their massive underground Nuclear facility’s all during these negotiations as they were in progress.
These  frozen assets to be returned can only  further  prop up the biggest Sponsor of state terrorism to have their  proxy armies wreak havoc in the Middle East.When we  saw  French Prime Minister Macron lobbying to keep the deal  we  were beyond saddened.
France is  telling Trump to re-certify the Iran Deal.. News Flash! Iran’s  Atom Bomb will not be trained on France but on Israel.
This reminds us of  the old story of the Chicken talking to the Pig..the Chicken tells the Pig “I’m proud to be a part of everyone’s morning breakfast ritual”
The Pig replies back…
“Easy for you to say with you it’s merely a contribution but with me it’s a total commitment”..
Ex U.S. Secretary of  State Kerry  was barnstorming to help keep the deal. Kerry has to sit down and shut up.He is not  in any way a Trump envoy and holds  absolutely no diplomatic credentials ..He is in direct violation to the Logan Act.
As much as some Iranians loathed CIA  involvement in installing the Shah..How does the average Iranian like it now?
This deal had to be scraped & nipped in the bud The U.S.and Israel  can still have a good diplomatic ties with Iran.
The U.S & Israel have no  absolutely no hatred  animosity toward the Iranian people snd never had.

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