Whatever Happened To Decent Toppings On Ice Cream Sundaes?



Whatever happened to the good old fashioned Ice Cream Toppings ? In it’s place is stuff that has absolutely no business whatsoever ever being in any sort of either Ice Cream Parlor or Frozen Yogurt Eatery. I find the nuevel toppings not only ridiculous but not appetizing in the least. Gone are the Wet Walnuts,The Deluxe Sweetened Pineapple Topping,The Hot Fudge ,The Hot Butterscotch and a Cornucopia of  other Toppings  that went to the wayside along with other great food of the past. We most likely will never see them again if they are available they most proberly be of an inferior quality at best ..Here is sample listing of the crap  that took their place being pawned on us today…You be the Judge…

  • Fresh Fruit. ..
  • M&M’S….
  •  Broken up Cookies.
  • Gummy Bears …
  • Cookie Dough
  • Broken up Candy Bars
  • Flack seed

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