Today’s Obsession With Shampoo…

Typical Shampoo Isle in Todays Drug Store

Hair” by the Cowsills/
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   I never saw many  different  brands of shampoo in my life..When I was growing up  in the 1950’s we had only  3 Brands Prell, Breck and Johnson’s Baby shampoo and that’s it . Most people used a bar of soap and that was good enough..Fast forward around  15 years Head and Shoulders hit the market they saturated the airwaves promoting  their Dandruff  Shampoo . Today you have not only have to buy the  shampoo but a bottle  conditioner as well. The difference between  Shampoo and soap is that there is actually detergent in today’s Shampoo not unlike what you do your laundry with. However in ever bottle of shampoo there  are trace amounts of conditioner otherwise  it would be no different from washing your hair using a box of Tide. I say all this Shampoo is  nothing but frivolous. You can clean your hair with your bath soap and you’ll  get the same results..Instead of spending your hard-earned money on  an expensive bottle of shampoo bring your money right over  to your toilet bowl and flush…It’s easier..bottom line either way line which ever one you choose to do… ..your just throwing  your money down

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