Suggestive Sales.. You like it.. I Don’t

          The first time someone pulled the “suggested sales”  crap on me was when I was at Roy Rogers Roast Beef a while back.. I was on line ordering my meal and the counter person then said to me “would you like an apple pie with your order”? Sure I replied.. Low & Behold when I went to pay my bill the apple pie we charged to me.. I Complained” Hey  what’s going on why did you charge me for Apple pie? She replied back well you ordered it.. No I didn’t  you asked me if I wanted it I was under the impression that it was a  complementary gift. That was the first & last time That I fell for that.
  To make matters worse when I brought my car in for an  oil change.. The service technician or whatever you call him comes over to me with a little square price of paper with a bullseye drawn on it with a drop  oil.. He says to me while showing me that bullseye with the oil   & says “when’s the last time you changed your transmission fluid”?, I replied back” Are you telling me that there’s a problem? No he replied just asking (auto transmission fluid doesn’t have to be changed maybe for a taxi with over 100,000 miles)  I replied “Then why are you implying that somethings not right” . Or they come out with your air filter trying to scare you into buying one by them for  & 45 when you can pick one up at Pep Boys for half that.
It’s Descepitive its just plain not right. The worst is when they try to hit you up for a donation “would you like to give you Jerry’s Kids or some other organization” this happens even at Walmart.. I always reply that I shop at Walmart to save money not to give it away. I donate plenty to charity at home and in my house of worship.. If you doubt me send a self addressed stamped envelope to me and I will supply you with the documentation… But it’s not their business for to be a conduit for charity . They want to come on T. V. and say” Hey look what we collected”..If they want  to play the big shot then let them use there own money. STOP SUGGESTIVE SALES NOW!

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