Governor Coumo Don’t Let L. I. Down Again..

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            L.I. Along with N.Y.C. Pays the Lions Share of all  N.Y State Tax Revenue, that also goes for all lotto sales too. While New York City gets everything on their wish list from the State, Long Island ( Nassau & Suffolk County) remains the step child of the state..Governor Cosmo got L. I. the worlds worst Utility company PSC&G. While Long Islanders were assured that their rates would not be raised in 3 years in the first 5 months correct us if we’re mistaken but PSC&G passed along 6 raises.  Governor Coumo put a cap on school tax.. nearly every school busted the cap. Now he proposing from what we gather to  perhaps consolidate school districts to lower property tax.. That will kill the  high resale value of our homes. Thats not the solution.. The solution is to get rid of all these high priced Administrators.. The School Superintendents and  all their leaching cronies. Next get rid of Tenure. What we gave a bunch of high salaried burnt out teachers that can’t be fired. 
What we have is a crazy set of protocol when it comes to a school tax hike vote.. If it fails.. It is brought up again for a another vote in 60  days..If  its voted  down once more for approval your taxes still go up.. But after school programs such as sports and music are cut meanwhile all the  the Administrators and Teachers remain above the fray.. Their salaries and perks are not touched one ioda.
The school district heads will always try to bust any  future cap.. You can bet you house on that. What the Governor should do when they propose to bust any cap is immediately have the Administrators arrested. That will send a clear & resounding message that this will no longer be tolerated. This is what Nasssua  and Suffolk Counties needs.. As it stands now the school system is  not really there  to educate the students but strictly as a  vehicle for employess to make a living. Many of us l old timers remember back in the 1950″s when  teachers told students that sanitation  workers make as much as them  (that should have been brought up to the Mayor not the grade school  students) . . With all the holidays and winter and Holiday recess the teachers  accually only  work 6 months a year.. We Don’t feel sorry for them. Our heart goes out for the students and Mr. & Mrs. Taxpayer. /the final complaint on Governor Court is  that you had a great heart when you were  the New York State Attorney General but why did your cuts have to  include the Developmental Disabled  was that neccesary ? Look we all know that deep down  Coumos a decent guy and its no secret that he has perhaps future Presidental assperations ..but  let him do the right thing by Long Island  first/end
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