We at The Lerman Report Endorse Chris Christy For Dog Catcher…


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie w

Philadelphia Magazine
The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Chris Christie’s Last Day

Dog Bark Sound Effects – YouTube



Bridgate,Trump Supporter and now the straw the broke the camels back  big Gasoline price Hike ,thats it he no longer has any political  future.
Listen I  really  didn’t  buy into his “I knew Nothing “defence on the closure of  a lane on the GWB but I let it go, 2nd his vocal support for Trump,nothing wrong with being loyal & sticking  by  a friend or fellow party  member,but this Mexican  Wall issue got to put him in hot water  with Jersey’s Large Hispanic Community  but this Gas hike..he’s done politically no and if or buts about it…….
We never chided  him for  the warm greeting he gave to Obama during Obama’s visit for a tour of the  devastation of Hurricane Sandy  that  time he did nothing wrong & was a great cheerleader  for  Jersey…but now a big gas hike..Christy balance  the budget cut the  pork & don’t raise the gas prices and mind you a 23 cents a gallon is a big hit.
NJ gas taxes not likely to soar this holiday weekend as Senate – NJ.com
christie signs bill raising N.J. gas tax 23 cents a gallon | NJ.com
Days of cheap gas coming to an end in New Jersey – The Journal News

The Lerman Report Staff

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