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It Isn’t Fair Don Cornell
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 Wal-Mart has become a favorite  haunt of every organization  legitimate  and phony ones  seeking to hit up customers  for  money as they  either  Enter  or Exit  the store . Nearly each and every  day that I shop at my local WalMart I must face a gauntlet of beggars before I begin  my shopping. A good deal of  them are bogus outfits, phoney Veteran groups  wearing  fake  army fatigue in order to elicit  money from you & me as we  attempt to walk into  or exit the store.I feel intimidated  as I try to make my way into the store.It’s not right they cover each & every Exit and Entrance to the  store  including the special door that’s reserved  to bring on the shopping carts from the parking lot.
Now I’m not a heartless selfish individual  I giveaway  plenty to Charity….If you doubt me send me a self-addressed  envelope & I will  send you the documentation .Target &K-Mart Refuses  these  charities on their premises.I like  most Wal Mart costumers shop there to save money not to give it away..these  Organizations would be better served if they set up their tents so to speak  by  Neiman Marcus where the clientele it has more  money than the poor Wal-Mart shoppers.
Now I  called and talked to Wal-Mart  Corporate  Headquarters & they assured me that  only The Korean War Veterans, Girl Scouts,and one other organizations  would be out in  front of their store fronts,with the exception of The Salvation Army  at  Christmas season would be allowed there & then at only one entrance,I told them that s still 3 organizations to much Although I welcomed  any change in policy on this issue no  matter how little. However  there is still a question remaining in some folks minds as who at WalMart Central  determines which charity  is worthy  to be allowed to set up shop in front off  of their local Wal-Mart leaving some to wonder why is my Church or Temple not permitted to collect in front of  Wal-Mart while others are.
I’m well-recognized by face if not name as at my local Wal-Mart I’m there  every morning  at 7am sharp. I often joke that Wal-Mart is my haberdasher. I buy everything that I need there  from cloths to food you name it..but guess what?  If this policy  continues I will go shop elsewhere. From the loss of my purchases alone they’d be a looser..After only one day after Wal-Mart corporate  that the suits  gave me their word that it would no longer occur ..they were back. This time 2 exits  monopolized for fund my trip to Italy at 1 exit & fund my trip to Disney World   Also at the checkout  register They hit you up for money they want to go on T.V.& brag “look what  we collected “Hey Wal Mart you want to come across a charitable  place donate your own corporate  money & leave your  customers  alone..This has to stop or  they  will continue to loose more patrons.
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