No One But U.S. Citizens Should Be Permitted To Vote In National or Local Elections

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 No one But U.S. Citizens Should be permitted To Vote  in any U.S.election period . You don’t give that privilege to Illegal immigrants not even to legal immigrants untill they take & pass the Citizenship. Felons  are   restricted  from voting & in order to vote and you should be required to show proper I.d. including a board of Election Card saying that you are eligible to vote.It  is being touted  to allow non citizens vote in California .If this is true than California allows this  it should  be null and void any votes in a National Election.That should include voting for  U.S.Senator and Congressional seats.

If you allow non citizens the right to vote then whats the purpose of having or obtaining citizenship.

To many bodies were left on Normandy Beach, Guadalcanal ,The Ho Chih Trail right up to all of our presents military comflics to give this privilege up to freely..  Also legal jurisprudence should not apply to  non citizens and a non citizen should be barred from suing in any U.S. civil court /end


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